Thursday, November 15, 2007

Humor is the best medicine.

This week has sucked. I mean, there's really no sugar-coating it. First of all, I had no hot water on Monday. Then, one of my dogs got worms on Tuesday. I're saying, "One of your dogs? Don't you know which one?" Well, poop is poop. I am a good and dutiful canine mommy, but I don't differentiate between poop. So, they both got the "bug bomb" from the vet. On Wednesday, I realized that selling my SUV was the only answer to fiscal ruin. I got another car, because gas prices are so insanely ridiculous. It's not half as plush as my mac-daddy SUV, but my cute little Mazda 3 hatchback is smaller and sportier. The fringe benefit to going greener? It's just way more me. So, there's one silver lining.

So, back to the week from hell. It's one of those that you just want to end and go away. I don't have many of those, but this week has been one of them. As I write this, I'm drinking a nice, stiff vodka tonic that fiance made for me. He only does that on special occasions, when he knows I need one. Sometimes there's just not enough vodka tonics.

My friend Scott died yesterday. He was a work-friend-acquaintance. A really nice guy. He got me my present job, actually. And, I love my present job. He was 35, a loving husband, a father of four. The youngest of which is 1. His grandmother outlived him. It breaks my heart. It makes me look at mortality and the absolute unfairness of who gets to die young and who gets to live to be 105. If there's one thing that's always continued to perplex me, it's the fact that good people die young. Mean-spirited people who walk around with scowls on their faces usually live to be 105. There's no rhyme, reason, or sense. So, I won't even try to make any.

The funeral is tomorrow, and I shall go pay my respects. Tonight, I'll raise my glass and know he's in a better place, surrounded by people he's loved and lost himself. I have to believe this, right? Otherwise, what the hell are we here for, really?

In the meantime, I need to laugh. And, who better than Ms. Kahn to cheer me up? I was thinking about what I believe are the funniest movies of all time. And, History of the World part 1 is one of the top five, for sure. Madeline was yet another one taken too young, but she left some pretty funny stuff in her wake.

I'll sign off with a Mel Brooks scene that will never cease to make me pee my pants laughing: