Friday, August 22, 2008

The best damn blog EVER.

I started a new job this week. I know you're shocked, as I do this about every six months. I'll write more about my fabulous new office with a door and a plaque with my name on it in another entry. But for now, the most fun discovery I've had in the past week is that my HR Director (hysterically funny) has a blog that simply mocks. It just mocks everything, but mostly celebrities, which I find pee-your-pants funny at times. I have already started commenting - which will take even more time away from my own yawnfest of a blog (that I will continue to write, so get over it) - and I can't seem to stop mocking.

For example, Gwen and Gavin have named their new baby girl Zuma Nesta Rossdale. All my loyal readers know how much I adore Gwen. She's flawless. But the name Zuma? WTF? Seriously.

For my three readers, you have now been informed and are instructed to share the mockery: