Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looming 37...

My 20-something buddy Scott wrote me today to wish me a day-early happy birthday. He's sort of like my really cute little baby brother that I never had. He dresses like a J.Crew model, and I believe his perfectly gorgeous wife is the sister of Heidi Klum, only she's brilliant and not at all stuck up and she's just as sweet as can be (I want to hate her...I really do). Upon receipt, I replied with this and thought I'd share, as it reflects where I'm at mentally for this year's birthday:

Thank you for the birthday wishes. Yes, I'm 37 tomorrow. They say that 37 is the new 27, but I know that I'm quickly approaching the downhill slide to 40. I'm f*cking old. When did that happen? It's like I was 23 yesterday, then all of a sudden, I'm 37.

You should really go get naked tonight and stand in front of a mirror and appreciate your 20-something body. I'm serious. Take a picture, and then go, "God, dude...you're so young and virile and still have abs." Because tomorrow, you're going to be 37. I'm just sayin.

Sometimes, when husband-man and I are alone and I'm sans clothing, I'll grab my butt with both hands and hold it up just right so it looks like it did when I was 27. Then I'll let it drop and say, "37." Then I'll lift it up again and say, "27." And drop. And lift. And repeat. And repeat again.

I do this until my husband shakes his head and leaves the room. I really do love that man...