Friday, September 12, 2008

And Robbie Williams, also, is not gay.

First there was my Prince shout out. Not gay, people. Just has a really, very, superbly gay stylist. And then there's Robbie Williams. Now, I know I'm a bit behind the times. I don't always know who the kids are listening to these days, and I definitely don't keep up much with British pop music, but I was recently introduced to Robbie Williams - the face - beyond the lame song (I think it was called Millenium) I've actually heard on the radio one, maybe two, times. He has a splendid voice when he's not singing the poppy crap. Angelic, even. But I don't think America will ever hear it, because they're too busy listening to Heidi Montag. Please stab me in the ears.

Robbie Williams has never really made it big over here, but he's HUGE in England. I don't get why some people make it here and some people don't. I mean, look at Amy Winehouse and her popularity in the States, then you look at Robbie's and it's truly perplexing. I personally think Amy Winehouse died about 3 months ago, and they're holding her up a'la Weekend at Bernie's. No one can live through what that woman has does to herself. Honestly.

So, Robbie Williams the somewhat unknown British pop star, is not gay. There you go.

And, his hotness and the hoopla surrounding his hotness has prompted me to once again break out my long-awaited Top Five list, which includes the top five men that I, Daisywriter, should have a thumbs up from husband man should they ever come sniffing around for a smooch. The trump card notion. Don't say you don't have a list. If you do, you're a lying sack of crap.

I've told husband man that he can have a list, too, of course. I encourage the creativity. I've been very upfront and said that if Demi Moore actually came knocking on our door, I'd first ask if she was lost, then ask for proper identification, and finally would allow my husband to take her out for a night on the town. We have a truck stop nearby I think she'd enjoy, after all.

So, the top five list is forthcoming. I know you're eager. Try to contain yourselves.