Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Horoscopes, Stilettos, and Slippers

I've always read my horoscope. I know some people think this is completely stupid and lame, but it's just a habit of mine that's stuck. Today, my little horoscope talked about how completely fierce I'd be, and then ended with this:

Wear the highest heels you can walk in without falling down, and loads of black. You're a killer. Grrr!

I really should've worn black and my highest stilettos today. After all, I booked my business-class ticket last night to Buenos Aires the first week of December. I'll be presenting a global branding strategy to a bunch of Latin American executives. And the ticket alone, I believe, cost more than my car is worth. It gave me a slight panic attack when I charged it to my corporate AMEX. Regardless, I feel as though I am entitled to act like an overbearing, ridiculously bratty rock star today.

It's funny, though...the whole "grrr" thing, seeing as how I worked at home today, in my pseudo-pajamas, didn't take a shower, shoved my hair into a ponytail, and I didn't change out of what could possibly be the most unassumingly fabulous footwear EVER. My friend Mockarena surprised me a few weeks ago with these homemade slippers - direct from her Polish grandmother. All the way from Poland, which is about as glamorous as Argentina. I mean, the woman knitted them with her bare hands in Poland, while speaking Polish (because she doesn't speak English). And as much of a heels-wearing girl that I am, I love these slippers as much as my red "power" stilettos. It's as if my own Polish grandmother (I may have had one of those in the woodpile somewhere) is hugging each one of my feet individually and serving them cocoa with those little marshmallows. They're like that unconditional, Grandmother love, wrapped in yarn, contoured to fit my size-9 feet. Absolute genius.

So, yes, I booked a ticket to a country a gazillion miles away. I'll be there, sans any counterparts, for approximately 18 hours without a plan other than to try to drink some of the city in. Do I feel fabulous? You bet I do. Am I a little nervous? Absolutely. That's good for me. And, I may never get to go to Argentina again, so I realize the enormity of the situation. Does it warrant my red stilettos? Quite possibly.

But for today, I shall wear slippers.