Friday, December 19, 2008

A Really Cool Website...

I'm usually not one to share the websites Husband-man points out to me, because they're mostly techie or somehow aeronautical or contain some sort of engineering jargon, and therefore are a bit over my head. I admit this. I mean, a Shakespeare site would be over his head, so I'm not really saying that he's smarter than me. He's just more sponge-like than me and understands the intricate workings of things that I'd rather not try to understand, as I have other things to do. Like buy shoes. Because I feel this way about many of his choices in website reading, I naturally assume they are over my readers' heads, as this blog isn't exactly a stop for Mensa members. No offense, readers. I mean, I've done the mock Mensa tests in Sky Mall magazine on a couple domestic flights in the past years, and I've done pretty damn well on them, I must say, but yeah...I've never really aspired to be Mensa's poster girl. I am, however, a closet dork.

So, after that ridiculously long preamble (it's Friday, I only have one more day until I'm off for Christmas, and I'm a little chatty this morning....WOO HOO), this is a site Husband-man showed me last night. I felt the need to share, as it is really kinda cool. It's basically a site that shows all of the abandoned places around the world. Places like little towns near Chernobyl, whose residents literally had to pack up and leave in like 36 hours with what they could grab. Remnants of living, breathing societies just frozen completely in time. It's truly fascinating. And it makes you think, "what in the hell would I do if I had to pick up and move my entire life in 36 hours?"

I'd take my photo albums, my dogs, several of my cherished books, and my shoes. There you go.